The Most Important Thing I Learned in 2022

And why I won’t make this mistake again.

Dr. Faisal Jamshaid


Life changed a lot in 2022.

I started a new company, the Hippocampus TV. I stopped uploading Youtube videos as frequently. I took a few trips abroad. I took a break from this newsletter. My brother got married and moved out.

Through it all, this was the most important thing I learned about myself:

I’m happiest around other people.

That’s not to say that I’m unhappy being alone, just that my favourite moments in life usually involve others.

I’ve battled with this idea of individualism before, often being portrayed as some sort of strength in not ‘needing anyone’, as if we aren’t the ones who benefit from company. This idea of putting oneself above the needs of a collective group or community.

This past year I finally pushed past it, and it really brought one message home for me:

Life is better with company.

Of all the highlights I can recall from this past year, they were all in the presence of other people. No particular ‘solo’ accomplishments or euphoric moments alone. Nothing.

I felt so strongly about this message in fact, that I dedicated my last project of the year towards…



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