Stop adding, start subtracting.

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“In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away, when a body has been stripped down to its nakedness.”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery*

I love this quote. It’s an extract from a…

How confident are you about that?

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If we’re not right, we’ll simply be labelled as wrong.

At least, that’s how many of us think.

It takes a lot of mental effort to say “I’m only 80% sure about this”. …

You were never meant to fit in.

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I was recently talking to a friend about a common dilemma experienced in the creative world, something I think we can all learn something from:

Should we create things for other people? Or, should we create them for ourselves?

For many, the answer is the former — make things for…

It’s not always a bad thing.

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Every now and again, I enter a ‘slump’.

Creatively, productively and motivationally, I simply cannot operate to a standard that I’m pleased with.

And that’s ok.

After all, to not ebb and flow would make me less human.

Understanding that this phenomenon exists, that it is normal and routinely expected…

How to plan your days to get the most out of life.

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I think of each day as a representative unit of my future.

As we get older, we find ourselves with more responsibilities and reduced mental agility for squeezing them in.

So, how exactly should we manage them?

Could we batch things together?

Well, not all the time. We can’t fit…

Annie Duke’s ‘Thinking in Bets’ is a must-read for better decision making.

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Life is not a game of chess.

In chess, a game is won on a series of good decisions.

In life, good decisions can lead to worse outcomes.

Life also contains a splash of luck, but comparatively, a novice in a chess game will almost definitely be beaten by the…

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A few months ago, I watched David Letterman interview Jay-Z on his netflix show.

It was nothing short of a masterclass in communication. At one stage, Letterman transitions from casual chat to self-deprecation, setting up the perfect opportunity for Jay-Z to do the exact same — open up to a…

And why it protects us from cognitive dissonance.

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I’ve been listening to an audiobook recently called ‘Thinking in bets’ by Annie Duke, and I came across a concept that I’ve since been thinking about all week.

Annie Duke is a cognitive psychology student turned professional poker player, and now a consultant on better decision-making.

In the book, she…

I felt a strange sense of anxiety around my Birthday this year.

Something about the unstoppable movement away from my youthful days, the edging towards a bigger number. Every, single, year.

Usually, I’m not one to dwell too much on these thoughts either, but I know I join others in…

And why it’s important that you do.

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If you notice something, it’s important.

But that’s not what you were taught.

Central to our education is the teaching that our individual thinking is unimportant and unauthorised.

Any clever insight we conjured up needed a reference; every reference needed to be authoritative.

We live in a world that’s conditioned…

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